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ÖKK PRIVATE – The health insurance for the private hospital ward

The health insurance for persons with the highest demands

ÖKK PRIVATE is the perfect insurance for those, for who treatment by the senior consultant as well as privacy and the highest comfort is important in hospital. You are insured in Switzerland for the private hospital ward and benefit from the service of qualified medical specialists. High contributions towards alternative medicine, prevention, spectacles, contact lenses and more are also included in this.

ÖKK PRIVATE comprises two insurances:


  • Medical treatment in Switzerland and abroad
  • Up to 100 Swiss francs per year towards dental check-ups for children and adults
  • Up to 70% towards orthodontic treatments for children and young persons up to 25 years of age.
  • Health prevention: check-ups, sports and preventive medical check-ups
  • Up to 600 Swiss Francs from the health account to promote family activities, healthy nutrition and exercise
  • Alternative medicine and natural remedies in Switzerland and in neighbouring countries.
  • Up to 200 Swiss Francs per year towards spectacle lenses and contact lenses
  • Up to 1,000 Swiss Francs towards eye laser treatment
  • For maternity: Benefits for antenatal classes and postnatal recovery exercises, breastfeeding allowance
  • Up to 130'000 Swiss Francs towards transport and rescue costs
  • Travel expenses for regular medical treatment outside the place of residence from 30 km (public transport)


  • Private ward in a hospital in Switzerland (as per cantonal list of hospitals)
  • Domestic help prescribed by a doctor following a hospital stay
  • Domestic help prescribed by a doctor in order to prevent admittance to hospital
  • Emergency abroad: Covered for the private ward
  • Treatment in a health resort prescribed by a doctor
  • Alternative medical treatment in Switzerland and in neighbouring countries.
  • Remuneration for choosing a cheaper hospital ward in Switzerland, from 16 years:
    • Half-private ward 200 Swiss Francs per day
    • Comfort ward single or twin room 300 Swiss Francs per day
    • General ward 400 Swiss Francs per day
  • Travel expenses for dialysis, radiation or chemotherapy from 30 km (public transport)

Saving tip: You save premiums with ÖKK COMBI PRIVATE by selecting an excess of  2,000 or 5,000 Swiss Francs. Or opt for the rebate for unused benefits; do not make any claims and you receive a discount of 20%-30%.


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