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ÖKK strives to offer attractive positions and apprenticeships both at the main headquarters and at individual agencies and other locations. ÖKK promotes a business culture based on honesty and trust and nurtures a goal-oriented leadership style.

Hours and scheduling
Work hours and scheduling are based on a model of variable flexitime for a weekly work schedule of 40 hours. Employees can freely choose their work schedule within the given limits. The work schedule is created using a time recording module. Opportunities for flexitime, overtime, and additional time compensation exist.

Yearly holiday time consists of 25 to 35 business days depending on age and function.

New fathers also receive an additional week of paternity leave.

Modern compensation system
ÖKK is committed to fair compensation based on performance and requirements. Individual compensation for employees consists of the value of the employee’s function, service, and experience. These three components guarantee compensation for employees that matches their performance and capabilities, but is in line with conditions at other companies and labour markets.

Fringe benefits
ÖKK employees as well as their family members and partners benefit from improved health insurance premiums.
ÖKK fulfils familial requirements with a family bonus that goes beyond the legal requirements.
Benefits on Reka checks and generous seniority bonuses round out our benefits package.

Social insurance
ÖKK employees benefit from our advantageous pension plan, which goes far beyond the Swiss requirements.
Our employees receive insurance for 100% of loss of pay in case of illness or accident. The benefit period consists of 730 days in both cases. ÖKK fully covers the costs of premiums for daily health insurance.

Employee training
ÖKK is committed to the comprehensive training of all employees in all relevant areas. The yearly local evaluation and the associated discussion of goals are important tools for employee training.

Health promotion
We support health promotion in the workplace. An inhouse group of employees deals intensively with this subject and implements various health promotion projects.

Employee influence
Valuable work experience and professional expertise hold huge potential for coming up with innovations and improvements. For this reason, ÖKK got the innovation process moving with an independent team that evaluates all our employees’ suggestions and works out and implements their concepts.

ÖKK agency in your area
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We train young adults.

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Practical training

We offer practical training in various business sectors.

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