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Gold for ÖKK

Comparis, the Internet comparison service, surveyed around 5,500 customers about how their health insurance works. The results showed that ÖKK's customers are extremely satisfied customers. Of the twenty health insurers boasting the most members, ÖKK shared first place with one other insurer.

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Every company has different needs when it comes to occupational pensions. Receiving good advice can help companies find the right occupational pension scheme. The lead story "BVG: Good planning provides security" explains the various options and the secure solutions in this respect. Other topics covered include Easter bunnies, created with passion; insured again with ÖKK; advice from a single source: insured with ÖKK as a company and individual, and lots more!

Enjoy reading!

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Do you want to make your money go further? Then our welcome offer is the one for you. If you decide to change to ÖKK by the end of June, as a thank you we will give you free supplementary insurance in 2015.

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Have you moved house? Have you got married or have you changed your name? Help us to keep our customer data up-to-date. Please therefore also let us know if your personal details have changed.

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Clients repeatedly report to us that more favourable ÖKK offers have been brought to their attention by ÖKK agents. Watch out and ask again.

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