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Insurance gaps in case of accidents

Severe accidents can lead to permanent disability and in the worst case scenario, to death. Persons, who are not insured against accidents through their employer, for example housewives and children, have only minimum protection against the financial consequences. With the supplementary insurance ÖKK RISK CAPITAL ACCIDENT, financial shortfalls can be prevented.

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Changing your general practitioner

Are you insured with ÖKK CASAMED GENERAL PRACTITIONER and would like to change your general practitioner? No problem: Simply complete our online form. We will then send your new policy listing the name of your new general practitioner to your home.

» ÖKK CASAMED – List of general practitioners
» ÖKK CASAMED – Changing your general practitioner

Pay without using any paper

You can receive, check or pay your invoices easily and paperlessly via your e-banking/e-finance account. Your advantage: You no longer have to fill in any pay-in slips and are still in control of whether or when you pay the invoice. You can approve or reject the invoice in a few clicks of the mouse. Activate the e-invoice in your e-banking/e-finance now - the environment will thank you for doing this!

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Anyone who has children knows that anything can happen in the blink of an eye. Being able to rely on a solid insurance policy provides a family with security. The lead story of the current issue of CLEVER explains the best insurance solutions when it comes to looking after teenagers.

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ÖKK agency in your area
Contact us if you require a consultation or information about a specific insurance or service.

Medication shipping

Save on medication

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We appreciate your Recommendation

Recommend us and we will pay you CHF 50 in each case as a thank you.

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