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Great at the little things

Have you already found a day care place for your little ones? In collaboration with KIMI, ÖKK is involved in developing a day care network across Switzerland and is, thus, working against the lack of day care places. ÖKK customers profit from a 5 % discount on each day care place. In addition, KIMI clients profit from a 20 % discount on supplementary insurances from ÖKK. Get to know KIMI now:

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Every company has different needs when it comes to occupational pensions. Receiving good advice can help companies find the right occupational pension scheme. The lead story "BVG: Good planning provides security" explains the various options and the secure solutions in this respect. Other topics covered include Easter bunnies, created with passion; insured again with ÖKK; advice from a single source: insured with ÖKK as a company and individual, and lots more!

Enjoy reading!

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Travel insurance - ÖKK TOURIST

Have you already taken out your travel insurance for emergencies abroad? With the travel insurance ÖKK TOURIST, you have world-wide security in case of an emergency. Hence, nothing will impede a carefree holiday. Learn more about the travel insurance and have a nice holiday!


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