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Prime reduction

Check whether you are entitled to a premium reduction.

People on modest incomes are entitled to a reduction on their premiums (subsidies) from the canton so that they can pay their basic insurance premiums. Each canton is responsible for setting the amount they contribute towards these costs.

Requesting a premium reduction – How it works

  1. Order, complete and return the application form to the responsible office (e.g. SVA or health authority). You can find out the office responsible for youon the official AHV/IV website.
  2. The responsible office will notify you in writing of your entitlement to a reduction in your premiums.
  3. If you are entitled to such a reduction, the responsible office will transfer the premium reduction directly to ÖKK.
  4. ÖKK will offset the premium reduction against your basic insurance premium. The amount will be deducted in the premium invoice.

It may be the case that not all cantons will have decided upon your entitlement by the time the first premium invoice is dispatched. We recommend that you nevertheless pay the premium invoice in order to avoid any reminders being sent or debt collection proceedings being initiated. This means you should not wait until your entitlement has been verified and the premium reduction has been issued.

If your application for a reduction in premiums is approved during the year, we will credit you the amount to which you are entitled.

You can find further information here.

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