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Great at the little things

Your child will feel at home at KIMI receives attention, is looked after with tender loving care and can play with children of the same age whilst being perfectly safe.

As a family insurance company, families are particularly close to our heart . This is why we are the first private company to get involved  in  a network of day care centres across Switzerland. KIMI Krippen AG is exactly the right partner to achieve this. The KIMI day care centres are in located spacious, child-friendly premises, are managed by qualified specialists and make the child's development the focus of their daily work.   

ÖKK and KIMI - A partnership with many advantages:

- Reserved day care places for ÖKK customers / Discount conditions -> Basic insurance with the ÖKK Group (including Flaachtal health insurance) for one parent plus one child.
- 5 % discount on day care place for  ÖKK customers
- 20 % discount on supplementary ÖKK  insurances for KIMI clients

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Existing day care centres

- KIMI in Arni (AG)  - KIMI in Bassersdorf (ZH) ; 2 locations
- KIMI in Liestal (BL) - KIMI in Dietlikon (ZH)
- KIMI in Chur (GR) ; 2 locations  - KIMI at the airport (ZH)  
- KIMI in Thayngen (SH) - KIMI in Schlieren (ZH) ; 2 locations
- KIMI in Baar (ZG)    - KIMI in Wangen-Brüttisellen (ZH) 
- KIMI in Bachenbülach (ZH)   - KIMI in Zürich (ZH)

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