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Our vision

ÖKK is among the most successful independent insurance companies in selected Swiss markets. Targeted market activities in neighbouring countries top off ÖKK’s business activities.


Our mission

ÖKK offers specific categories of products and services in the insurance industry to private individuals and businesses, as well as other insurance companies. ÖKK can participate in cooperative arrangements and take action in neighbouring countries for this purpose.

A high level of customer satisfaction ranks among the most important goals of ÖKK. ÖKK pursues a serious and sustainable Quality policy based on regional market strategies that considers the needs of customers to be paramount. ÖKK distinguishes itself as a «smart and simple» company with competent employees.

ÖKK strives to offer attractive places of employment and job training, whether at the head office or at its agencies and other locations. ÖKK fosters a business culture based on forthrightness and trust, cultivates a goal-oriented management style and strengthens business-oriented thinking and acting. ÖKK promotes the equality of women and men.

ÖKK’s highest business priorities are protecting both livelihood and independence. In order to guarantee the necessary healthy financial status and retain its ability to compete, ÖKK strives to achieve sustainable, qualitative growth.

ÖKK particularly stresses tight management of benefit payments and administrative costs. With health care providers, ÖKK fosters a fair relationship.

ÖKK meets a high standard of corporate governance (transparency regarding management and supervision).

ÖKK considers itself a «sustainable and fair» company, which is aware of its ethical corporate and social responsibilities with respect to its employees and their personal lives and which takes ecological concerns into consideration.

ÖKK advances a progressive and affordable insurance policy and has established itself in the health care community as an important partner to state and society.


ÖKK runs a Swiss daycare network together with KIMI. Are you still looking for a daycare centre?

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