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Trade association of Swiss health insurance companies » santésuisse
Purchasing group of health insurers  » tarifsuisse 
Trade organisation of small and medium-sized insurers » RVK
Information about medications and their interactions » SMI Schweizerische Medikamenten-Informationsstelle
Great at the little things » KIMI Krippen AG
Our partner for brokering risk capital insurance in the event of death or disability as a result of illness (KTI product)  » National Suisse
Our partner for property, liability and life insurance » AXA Winterthur 
Our accident insurance partner » SOLIDA Versicherungen AG
Medical advice around the clock » Schweiz. Zentrum für Telemedizin
Our partner in emergency cases abroad » Elvia
Our IT partner » Centris
Our partner for the healthcare legal protection  ÖKK PROTECT » Coop Rechtschutz AG
IG B2B for Insurers + Brokers  » IG B2B

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ÖKK runs a Swiss daycare network together with KIMI. Are you still looking for a daycare centre?

» KIMI daycare centres