Compulsory protection in the event of accidents

Properly insure yourself and your employees against accidents when at work and in your free time.

How you benefit at a glance

  • Compulsory accident insurance (UVG) for all employees
  • Salaries are insured up to the maximum UVG salary of CHF 148,200.
  • Occupational accidents and illnesses are covered.
  • Accidents occurring during leisure time (non-occupational accidents) are insured from eight working hours per week.
  • Insurance continues to pay 80% of the salary from the 3rd day
  • Medical treatment and general hospital ward without cost sharing
  • Pension in the case of disability of up to 80% of the insured salary
  • Pension in the case of death of up to 70% of the insured salary for spouses and orphans
  • Reimbursement for permanent physical, mental or psychological damage up to a maximum of CHF 148,200 (indemnity for integrity)
  • Reimbursement in the case of disability when receiving help from third parties up to a maximum of CHF 2,436 (helplessness compensation)
  • A further 31 days cover after termination of the employment relationship
  • Interim accident insurance: Extension of non-occupational insurance by up to six months after termination of employment relationship (in addition to subsequent cover of 31 days).
  • Personal support from the Case Management team in the event of long-term absences


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