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Collective health insurance

Collective health insurance for temporary residents

With an ÖKK COLLECTIVE PRO plan, all employees who are working in Switzerland on a temporary basis are covered by compulsory health insurance.

How you benefit at a glance

  • Perfect for temporary residents 
  • Premiums of insured employees can be deducted from their salary 
  • Guarantees that insurance obligation in Switzerland is fulfilled under compulsory basic insurance (KVG) 
  • ÖKK settles the premiums with the employer 
  • If employees leave or join the company during the course of a month, the days are charged using daily premiums 
  • The personnel reports are generated monthly using a form 
  • The premiums are charged monthly on a retroactive basis 
  • Under the compulsory basis insurance, it is possible to choose between a free choice of doctors (ÖKK BASIS) or the general practitioner model (ÖKK CASAMED GENERAL PRACTITIONER,ÖKK CASAMED 24 or ÖKK CASAMED CARE)
  • Standard insurance cover for all employees 
  • Personal support by the Case Management team in the event of long-term absences

Possible supplementary insurance for employees

Collective health insurance basic contract

ÖKK COLLECTIVE BENEFIT. The straightforward solution with clever discounts for employees

How you benefit at a glance

  • Premium discounts on supplementary insurance policies 
  • Scope of insurance can be individually selected 
  • Settlement between ÖKK and the insured person 
  • Individual insurance is continued automatically upon leaving the company 
  • Reductions also for family members 
  • Discounts also for existing ÖKK customers 
  • Advantages for employees - no costs for the company

Complement your selection with additional ÖKK insurance policies

ÖKK offers flexible products in the area of supplementary insurance. You yourself can determine the contents of your supplementary insurance by combining different insurance policies from various modules.


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