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Loss of earnings insurance

Employees are your company’s most valuable resource. That is why it hurts when somebody cannot work due to an accident or illness.


With an ÖKK LOSS OF EARNINGS INSURANCE policy, employees' salaries are safe – even if employees cannot work due to illness, accident or maternity/paternity.

How you benefit at a glance

  • Loss of earnings insurance in the event of an illness, accident, maternity or paternity 
  • Daily allowance from 25% incapacity to work 
  • Individual waiting periods 
  • Maximum insurable salary: CHF 250,000 
  • Extension of insurance cover in the event of incapacity to work if the employment relationship is terminated 
  • Waiver of reduction in cases of gross negligence 
  • Continued payment of salary in the event of death 
  • Supplementary children's and education allowance 
  • Exemption from premiums for employees in the event of claiming benefits 
  • Right of transfer to the individual ÖKK COMPENSA daily allowance insurance within 90 days after leaving 
  • Insured persons of retirement age continue to be insured for 180 days until they turn 70 
  • Cross-border workers are granted the same rights as persons residing in Switzerland 
  • Proprietors as well as employed family members are able to join 
  • Employees posted abroad are also insured 
  • Personal support by the Case Management team in the event of long-term absences

Legal advice:

  • Free-of-charge legal advice over the phone is included in ÖKK LOSS OF EARNINGS INSURANCE.
  • This includes advice in all areas of law. There is no limit on the number of times you can contact us for legal advice and you can start getting legal advice straight after concluding the policy.
  • The insured person contacts Coop Rechtsschutz directly by phone (062 836 00 14) or e-mail (

Select one of the two insurance variants

Variant with full cover

  • Unconditional insurance cover  
  • Benefit period for a maximum of 730 days per insurance claim  
  • BVG (Federal Law on Occupational Benefit Plans concerning Old-Age, Survivors and Invalidity) coordinates: The BVG pension is deferred for a year, whereupon the BVG premium is reduced

Variant with health declaration

  • Acceptance is subject to an individual risk assessment  
  • Full insurance cover for all illnesses or accidents occurring after commencement of the contract

As an option, you can combine your insurance variants with additional benefits

In addition to childbirth allowance

  • In addition to the maternity insurance (as per loss of earnings regulations), we insure two weeks childbirth allowance amounting to the insured daily allowance  
  • No waiting period

In addition to this with allowance for paternity leave

  • The paternity leave must be regulated in the personnel regulations of the insured person 
  • Reimbursement for the paternity leave amounting to the insured daily allowance 
  • The duration of the reimbursement is as stated in the agreement in the personnel regulations 
  • No waiting period

Additionally with Legal protection insurance  

The costs of legal cases can quickly stack up for companies. Legal protection insurance helps you cover the costs incurred in relation to legal cases.

Choose between various options for your legal protection insurance policies:

  • Option A - Legal advice – The information provided under this policy goes beyond the general legal advice provided via the legal advice telephone service.
  • Option B - Protection for labour law issues – Complete legal protection in the area of labour law. Up to CHF 500,000 p.a. of costs are covered in relation to lawyers, legal proceedings and the reimbursement of legal costs.
  • Option C - Legal advice and protection for labour law issues (A+B)

Additional services

A person’s well-being and performance depend greatly on their habits. If you are active and eat healthily, you can benefit from numerous health effects.  

Accident insurance

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