Modular structure, individual solutions

The benefit plans from ÖKK’s occupational pensions have a modular structure. The basis is the insured salary, from which the old-age, disability and death pension components can be insured.


How you benefit at a glance

  • Differentiated range of solutions to choose from
  • Modular offering structure (old age, disability, death)
  • Customer-focused, personal service and prompt settlement
  • Excellent value for money thanks to the lean administrative structure
  • Premium payment in arrears, liquidity and interest benefits your company
  • Above-average conversion rates for pension calculation
  • Additional lump sum in the event of death
  • Individual top management solutions
  • Equal treatment of life partners
  • Life partner pension incl. accident cover
  • Possibility to buy into the occupational pension fund for early retirement
  • Possible to retire between 58 and 70 years of age or take partial retirement
  • Combination of lump sum payment and pension
  • 100% risk reinsurance
  • Accident cover on risk benefits above UVG maximum salary included
  • Buy-in calculation with 2% interest
  • Online portal for entering personnel changes and salaries as well as BVG contribution deduction lists


ÖKK Occupational pension scheme

Frequently asked questions

Who has to have an occupational pension?

In principle, all employees liable for AHV payment with an annual salary above CHF 21,330 are subject to the BVG. The insurance obligation begins when the employee enters into an employment relationship. For death and disability pensions, the insurance obligation begins at the earliest on 1 January in the year after the employee turns 18 (risk contribution), and for the old-age pension, at the earliest on 1 January after the employee turns 25 (savings contribution).

Is there any insurance cover in the event of unemployment?

Unemployed people are compulsorily insured for the risks of death and disability as long as they receive daily allowances from unemployment insurance. To prevent any gaps in retirement cover, it is possible to voluntarily pay in BVG retirement credits to the substitute occupational pension fund (Auffangeinrichtung BVG).

Taking a pension or a lump sum?

Benefits are normally paid out in the form of a pension. However, insured persons have the right to receive a quarter of their retirement benefits in the form of a lump sum. At ÖKK, it is possible to receive as much as you want in the form of a pension or lump sum. ÖKK must be notified of the respective amounts at least three months before drawing benefits.

Are self-employed workers subject to the insurance obligation?

Self-employed workers can insure themselves on a voluntary basis. Insurance can be taken out via the person’s own professional association or with their own pension fund.

What has to be taken into consideration in the event of early or deferred retirement?

At ÖKK, early retirement is possible from the age of 58 and it is possible to defer retirement until the age of 70. In the case of early retirement, the retirement assets are paid out in the form of a lump sum or converted into a lifetime pension. The conversion rate is reduced accordingly.

What do unmarried life partners receive?

In principle, occupational pensions also provide death benefits for unmarried couples. In such cases, the couple must have been cohabiting for at least five years before the death of the insured person, have children together or the surviving partner must have been supported by the insured person.

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