Occupational benefits

Together with AHV/IV, ÖKK OCCUPATIONAL PENSIONS allow retirees, survivors and disabled people to maintain their quality of life.

How you benefit at a glance

  • Differentiated range of solutions to choose from 
  • Modular offering structure (old age, disability, death) 
  • Customer-focused, personal service and prompt settlement 
  • Excellent value for money thanks to the lean administrative structure 
  • Premium payment in arrears, liquidity and interest benefits for companies  
  • Above-average conversion rates for pension calculation 
  • Additional lump sum in the event of death 
  • Individual top management solutions 
  • Equal treatment of life partners 
  • Possibility to buy into the occupational pension fund for early retirement 
  • Possible to retire between 58 and 70 years of age or take partial retirement 
  • Combination of lump sum payment and pension 
  • 100% risk reinsurance   
  • Online report for personnel changes

Occupational pensions the smart way

Is your company properly set up as regards occupational pensions? Do you know what you have to look out for when founding a company? Or if you plan on expanding or placing your company in new hands?

Make sure you have a long-term, clever plan for retirement.

The brochures on ÖKK OCCUPATIONAL PENSIONS show you the options you have for individually tailoring your occupational pension plan.

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