Occupational pensions: Brochures / forms

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Brochure 2019 The 2019 ÖKK offering for companies
Brochure BVG Broschure occupational benefits



Affiliation contract
Affiliation contract of Loyalis BVG-Sammelstiftung
Framework regulation BVG
Framework regulation for occupational pension as per BVG
Attachment 1 to framework regulation BVG
Thresholds and actuarial values
Partial liquidation regulations
Partial liquidation regulations

Employer forms


Registration form for BVG
Register employees for BVG
Notification of changes
Form for notification of changes in name/AHV no., marital status, salary, degree of activity, support obligations, other
Notification of beginning of season
In order to allow us to adjust the insurance policy, inform us at the beginning of the season of all insured people whom you registered during the season break who are returning to work
Notification of season break
If the insured person joins during the season break and will receive an employment contract in the following season, you must notify us of the season break using this form. We will adjust the insurance policy accordingly
Cancellation notice
Application form to cancel an insured person’s membership in the Loyalis BVG-Sammelstiftung
Outgoing employees / Obligation for employers to provide information
Obligation for employers to provide information to outgoing employees
Employers' notification form in case of inability  to work
Employers' form to provide notification of an inability to work
Employers' notification form in case of death
Employers' form to provide notification of a death
Selection protocol
Selection protocol for the Personalvorsorgekommission (PVK)
Company’s application to join Loyalis BVG-Sammelstiftung
Start of unpaid leave  Start of unpaid leave  
End of unpaid leave    End of unpaid leave   
Insurance conditions
Insurance conditions

Employee forms


Information sheet for new entrants
Information sheet on paying in vested benefits
Buy-in application
Application for calculation of maximum buy-in amount as per regulations
Civil partnership announcement
Announcement of civil partnership to protect unmarried civil partners
Early withdrawal/pledge request
Promotion of home ownership with funds from occupational pension schemes
Employees' notification form in case of inability to work
Employees' form to provide notification of an inability to work
Survivors' notification form in case of death
Survivors' form to provide notification of a death
Cash payment data sheet EU
Data sheet of cash payments from pension fund assets upon leaving Switzerland
Lump-sum settlement for retirement
Application form for lump-sum settlement for retirement in place of an old-age pension
Change of beneficiary
Change of beneficiary for death lump-sum payment

Annual report


Annual report 2017
Annual report 2016

Annual report 2015
Annual report
Annual report

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