ÖKK: A portrait

ÖKK is a prominent player in the insurance market. Firstly, because we are financially stable. Secondly, because we know how to combine flexible, real-life solutions with a friendly, straightforward approach. Our employer promise “ÖKK – Making a difference” and the new modular ÖKK LIVE product line embody these strengths: At ÖKK we get things done – each and every day.


There’s few things more straightforward. You can configure your own personal insurance cover yourself – putting together the building blocks that meet your needs.

Our guiding principles - our path

How do we realise our vision? What is our overarching purpose and which values define us? You can find out the answers to these questions in our guiding principles.

Back in the saddle more quickly

ÖKK is quick to refund money to its customers. That gets you back on the bike more quickly.


Always there for you

At ÖKK, our customers always come first. Everyone else can wait

Sweet treats

ÖKK has extremely satisfied customers. Evidence of this can be found in the mountain of cakes we are sent each and every day

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