Executive Board

The Executive Board of ÖKK comprises the following members:


Member Year of Birth Joined ÖKK Executive Board function
Stefan Schena 1961 1992 Chairman of the Executive Board
Mario Theus 1972 1996 Head of Market (Deputy Chairman)
Reto Buchli 1966 2000 Head of Finance and Controlling
Martin Stalder 1966 2009 Head of IT & Logistics
Saverio Cerra
Head of Business Development
Patrick Heinz
Head of Benefits


Picture: Mario Theus, Patrick Heinz, Saverio Cerra, Stefan Schena, Reto Buchli, Martin Stalder (from left)

Facts and figures

Clear and concise: here are the key facts and figures concerning ÖKK – from the number of customers to the employee headcount.

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