Facts and figures

ÖKK is an insurance company that operates across Switzerland. Around 175,000 private individuals and almost 14,000 companies and public institutions throughout Switzerland rely on our service. The total annual premium volume amounts to nearly 800 million francs.

The Annual Report (available only in German) contains other relevant figures for the past financial year.

Legal structure

The ÖKK Foundation (Stiftung ÖKK) holds 100% of the share capital of ÖKK Holding AG, which, within the scope of being the group parent company, holds 100% of the share capital of ÖKK Kranken- und Unfallversicherungen AG, ÖKK Versicherungen AG and KVF Krankenversicherung AG (group subsidiaries). In addition, ÖKK is a minority shareholder of KIMI Krippen AG and holds capital investments in Centris AG, Topwell-Apotheken AG and MediData AG. ÖKK also provides half of the foundation board members of Loyalis BVG Sammelstiftung.


ÖKK's offering

ÖKK offers a comprehensive range of insurance solutions. This includes products and services in the areas of illness, accident, loss of earnings and occupational pensions. Together with its partner companies, ÖKK also covers the areas of life, liability and property insurance.

The network of agencies

Thanks to the decentralised structure of 30 agencies, customers of ÖKK are in good hands, receiving personal and expert advice.

ÖKK as an employer

ÖKK employs over 435 staff and trains around 18 apprentices.

ÖKK Executive Board

Who manages ÖKK?

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