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Excellent: ÖKK's quality

Our current awards and certificates:

Silver for ÖKK: its customers’ high levels of satisfaction also continued through 2018. The commitment and quality demonstrated by ÖKK were particularly well received. 2017

ÖKK again receives top marks in terms of overall satisfaction. It also came out on top with regard to the processing of statements. 2018 is a leading comparison portal for Swiss banks and insurers. In the survey about health insurance companies carried out in 2018 ÖKK achieved the second place. 2017

The Swiss comparison platform, together with HELP.CH your e-guide ®, rated the various Swiss health insurers. With a rating of 5.2, ÖKK achieved 4th place.

amPuls Market Research 2016

Top results in the amPuls Market Research survey: According to the biannual survey, ÖKK is the number one family insurer and has the friendliest and most trustworthy employees.

Verivox 2016 survey

Satisfied customers: 1st place for ÖKK in the survey carried out by the Verivox comparison portal. ÖKK customers really value the friendliness and willingness to help of its employees.

Swiss Arbeitgeber Award 2016

Second place in the 2016 Swiss Employer Awards: ÖKK has taken second place in the category of “medium-sized company with 250 to 999 employees” at the Swiss Employer Awards. This means that ÖKK is one of the best employers in Switzerland.

Certified data protection

ÖKK places great emphasis on treating its customers’ data with great care. This data is subject to correspondingly strong security measures, as confirmed by the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems with its Data Protection Certification.

Our guiding principles - our path

How do we realise our vision? What is our overarching purpose and which values define us? You can find out the answers to these questions in our guiding principles.