Vision and guiding principles

In certain Swiss markets, ÖKK is one of the most competitive independent insurance companies. Its national and international marketing activities make a sustainable contribution towards ÖKK’s financial strength.

Our guiding principles

ÖKK offers private customers and corporate clients as well as other insurance companies and partners from other sectors industry-specific products and services in the insurance sector. For this purpose, ÖKK can take up stakes in other companies and enter into cooperation agreements and it can operate in other countries. 

Achieving a high level of customer satisfaction is one of ÖKK's main goals. Based on regional marketing strategies, ÖKK pursues a standard of quality based on professionalism and sustainability, which focuses on the needs of its customers. ÖKK considers itself a "clever and straightforward" company with competent staff, which inspires its customers with an excellent service and positive experiences (customer experience).

ÖKK offers attractive jobs and apprenticeships, both at its headquarters as well as at its individual agencies and other locations. ÖKK fosters a corporate culture based on openness and trust, promotes a target-oriented, situation-based management style and encourages thinking and acting in an entrepreneurial manner. ÖKK promotes gender equality.

One of ÖKK's corporate priorities is safeguarding its existence and maintaining its independence. To guarantee it has the financial resources necessary for this and to remain competitive, ÖKK targets sustainable, qualitative growth. 

ÖKK places great emphasis on the streamlined management of benefits and administrative costs. ÖKK acts fairly towards all its service providers.

ÖKK maintains a high standard of corporate governance (transparency regarding management and control).

ÖKK considers itself a "sustainable and fair" company, which is aware of its ethical corporate and social responsibilities with respect to its employees and their personal life and which takes ecological matters into account. 

ÖKK is committed to a progressive and affordable approach to insurance and has particularly established itself in the healthcare industry as a key point of contact for both the state and society. 

Our standpoints

Excellent: ÖKK's quality

The survey results confirm this: ÖKK has extremely high levels of quality. Find out more about our current awards. 

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