ÖKK has many years of experience in the risk carrier business and in developing innovative insurance products and services. We make optimum use of our know-how and contacts within branch networks and supervisory authorities, which ultimately benefits you.

Risk carrier

ÖKK acts as the risk carrier for your insurance products in the areas of compulsory healthcare, accidents, treatment costs and loss of income.


You can incorporate existing or specific ÖKK insurance products into your range, whether in the form of a bundle or white labelling.


ÖKK takes responsibility for your product management, purchasing and processing benefits, health management and recourse processing activities.

Please get in touch - we look forward to assisting you.

Our guiding principles - our path

How do we realise our vision? What is our overarching purpose and which values define us? You can find out the answers to these questions in our guiding principles.

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