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small Foot - the daycare centre

ÖKK is the number one health insurer for families. As such, their well-being is particularly close to our hearts. ÖKK was the first private company to commit to a nationwide network of daycare centres – together with our partner «small Foot». Our customers can enjoy a great many benefits from these partnerships.

At «small Foot», the smallest are also the most important. The daycare centres boast highly qualified staff, loving childcare and generous premises with self-built, child-friendly, professional facilities.

ÖKK and small Foot – a partnership with many benefits

  • ÖKK customers benefit from reserved daycare places.  
  • ÖKK policyholders receive a five-percent discount on each daycare place. One condition is that at least one parent and one child have taken out an insurance package (basic and supplementary insurance) with ÖKK.
  • «small Foot» customers receive a ten-percent discount on various ÖKK supplementary insurance policies.

You can find out all about the wide world of small Foot at

Current daycare centres

Aarau (AG) Luzern LUKS (LU)
Baar (ZG)
Luzern Würzenbach (LU)
Dagmersellen (LU)
Malters (LU)
Emmenbrücke (LU)                 
Rothrist (AG)
Emmen-Feldbreite (LU)                            
Ruswil (LU)                     
Hochdorf (LU)
Schötz (LU)
Kriens (LU)
Sins (AG); 2 Standorte
Luzern (LU)
Sursee (LU)

Are you interested in a daycare place? Then get in touch with us.