Sponsorship queries 

As a family insurer that operates across Switzerland, we like to bring our strategy to life with regard to sponsorship as well. We are committed to sponsoring specific cultural events for active families with children aged between four and ten. Ideal examples here include places where parents and children meet, laugh, smile, chat or dance together. In short, ÖKK supports projects that stir emotions.

ÖKK's understanding of sponsorship?

ÖKK makes a financial contribution, provides equipment or services. In return, we agree with the organizer on ways to help make ÖKK more visible for families. We carefully choose our partnerships in the area of "active family entertainment" so as to achieve the greatest potential benefits for both parties.

Which projects does ÖKK support?

Examples include the children's musical «Michel aus Lönneberga», the children's festival in Laax, the ÖKK children's and family festival in Savognin and Bimbo Fun in Ticino.

Is your project right for ÖKK? Then send us your concept. We look forward to hearing from you.

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