Swiss Cycling partnership

Graubünden, mountain biking and road cycling: the ideal combination. Cycling is also one of the most popular activities in Switzerland – which makes it a key part of promoting good health. 

In teaming up with Swiss Cycling, ÖKK has found a partner which promotes both elite and mass participation sport and is the ideal fit for ÖKK: both companies aim to make a difference and be the best in their fields – in sport and in the services area.

Swiss Cycling is involved with both amateur cyclists as well as professional athletes, making it one of the most successful Olympic associations for summer sports in Switzerland. 

ÖKK supports the association with many well-known athletes, various interesting events and platforms as well as the approximately 25,000 members of Swiss Cycling.

What’s more, if members of Swiss Cycling take out compulsory health care insurance and/or supplementary insurance with ÖKK, a contribution of CHF 50 will be made to promote youth development for each policy concluded.

We look forward to a lot of biking action, wonderful cycling experiences and success stories.
More information on Swiss Cycling and how to become a member (German and French only).

Partnership with Nino Schurter

ÖKK is the new official partner of Nino Schurter, currently the world’s best mountain biker, who comes from Graubünden. Various activities are planned, and amateur cyclists will have the chance to pick up useful tips and tricks.

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