ÖKK - a training organisation

Starting out and moving forwards: this is something we encourage throughout ÖKK. Irrespective of whether it is a young apprentice fresh out of school or an experienced specialist, you can never stop learning.

That is why we offer our apprentices high-quality courses and seminars combined with individual programmes. This helps them stay up to date with the latest knowledge, enabling them to provide our customers with the best advice possible.

In addition, ÖKK gives students the option of preparing their research papers at ÖKK.

Commercial apprenticeships at ÖKK

Are you soon having to decide what to do after leaving school? Find out here how an apprenticeship at ÖKK can lead you straight into the world of work.

Internship at ÖKK

Would you like to enter the world of work with an internship at ÖKK? Would you like to find out what it is like to complete an internship at ÖKK? Find out more here?  

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