The ÖKK commercial apprenticeship: pure variety

An apprenticeship at ÖKK is varied, interesting, exciting and informative. You can complete your training in three profiles: B, E or M. You will mainly be learning "on the job” in the company, for example how to draft letters and meeting minutes, advertise and sell products, hold sales meetings, advise customers, work in an accounts department, settle medical benefits as well as process, organise and plan insurance claims. You will work independently, but will always have someone you can contact with any questions. Your trainer will openly and honestly discuss any uncertainties and problems with you. You will always know where you are. You can make a difference at ÖKK; for example, you will get involved in various projects or be a member of the editorial team for our employee magazine.

Other opportunities include attending training courses outside of the company. Here you will also gain specialist knowledge relating to technical, social and methodological skills. ÖKK is a member of the industry associations santésuisse and Services and Administration (Dienstleistung und Administration).

You will have the opportunity to regularly catch up with your colleagues at the apprentice camp, on excursions or at training courses – and you will definitely have fun doing so! ÖKK will provide you with a transport network season ticket (GA) for the duration of your apprenticeship.

What do you need?

You have an inquisitive personality, like to work independently as well as in a team and you go about your work with a high degree of interest and motivation. You have good grades in academic subjects at secondary level and like contact with people.


Are you the right apprentice for ÖKK? Then submit your application online in our Job Portal (link) Please enclose the following with your application:


  • CV with photograph
  • Letter of motivation
  • Latest school certificates
  • Multicheck results


Should you have any questions about apprenticeships at ÖKK, please contact Vera Döbeli.


Other You can find even more information about apprenticeships at ÖKK on our profile page of the Yousty apprenticeship platform. There you can also contact ÖKK apprentices or find out about the vocational trainers at ÖKK. Have fun browsing!


Our apprentices have successfully passed their final exams – and ÖKK will be keeping them on-board as valued employees.

Certified training company

As a newly crowned “certified training company”, ÖKK is extremely popular with its apprentices. This was recently confirmed by the survey carried out by the independent and international “Great Place to work” foundation.

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