Combining a bachelor's thesis with daily work

I am interested in people. In their histories and their backgrounds. I like spending time in the company of others. But a Bachelor's thesis is something I have to do alone. Just me and my writing, alone... Not my ideal scenario. That's why being able to work on my Bachelor's thesis together with a commercial partner is the perfect situation.

This means that my Bachelor's thesis isn't just a theoretical exercise, but is instead closely based on practical experience. I have become familiar with various aspects of corporate communications, working productively within a team where I can really make a difference. My work doesn't just get filed away in a drawer and forgotten – it is used directly. Take, for example, the teaser film for the customer magazine's lead story.

Of course, this all sounds like a rather romantacised view of things, and as things stand, there are always occasional lean periods during larger projects. There are weeks when I distract myself with my work so I don't have to think about my Bachelor's thesis. And there are weeks when I simply can't find a moment to work on it. But that's the case for many other people, even those without a commercial partner to work for.

It goes without saying that completing an internship at a health insurer perhaps isn't the most obvious choice for a multimedia production student. But I have to say, there are stories worth telling here too.



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