Health insurance – eliminating the preconceptions

I'll admit that I thought the same, that working at a health insurer would be somewhat boring and a little uptight. But my colleagues and the casual atmosphere helped eliminate these preconceptions. After having now worked in the industry for six months, I have to say that I was wrong. As part of my Bachelor's thesis, I recently carried out a brief survey on passers-by. I asked them what the first thing that came to mind was when they thought about health insurers. There were of course a wide variety of responses, from "a good social institution" to "annoying phone calls", "it costs too much" and "no idea".

In my personal life as well, when I told people that I was doing an internship at a health insurer I was frequently met with quizzical looks and surprised faces. "You working at a health insurer – I can't imagine that. Surely that's not a great match for you," was the general sentiment. And for all of you who'd like to know what it's like:


  1. For me it isn't uptight at all. The most important thing for me is that the focus is on people. This means that all the work I do is related to internal or external clients. Often this work is complicated, you have to approach things from a variety of angles and must ultimately find individual solutions that everyone can agree on. As such, it never gets boring. There are an unbelievable number of stories to tell, from challenges in people's day-to-day family life to the annual report. No, it definitely never gets boring.
  2. The best thing is for you to find out for yourself.
My internship is almost over and if you'd like to read my final report, you can do so here:«I've had a gread time Thanks!»

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