Hello, i'm new here!

Hello. I'm Andrea, an intern in ÖKK's Corporate Communications department. That's why I'm keen to communicate a little myself; each month I'll be providing you with a brief insight into my life as an intern.

I am in the last semester of my Bachelor's programme in Multimedia Production at the University of Applied Sciences in Chur. I am working together with ÖKK as my partner on my Bachelor's thesis – this has led to me completing an internship with them in Landquart. As part of my day-to-day work, I produce films, write texts, take photographs and help out with a wide variety of projects. So pretty much everything related to communication and multimedia. This is providing me with an in-depth look at the whole range of work carried out in a communications department as well as the sort of work I can expect after completing my studies.

I've started successfully at ÖKK. At least I think – or hope – that has been the case. Apart from getting to grips with using the telephone system – which certainly isn't my friend just yet – everything's actually going really well. Almost too well: I'm yet to comically fall down the stairs or something similar! My colleagues are all really helpful, the company intranet is easy to use and the coffee from the cafeteria certainly helps to wake me up every morning. I'm particularly thankful for this last point as I'm not really a morning person (although I admire those who are)!

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