People at ÖKK

I really think that it is the people you work with who make a job what it is. They are the key factor in feeling good about your work, the general mood in the office and how motivated you are. And what's more, people are simply interesting, with their different personalities and talents.

As well as the "morning people" I've already mentioned, I've already met a lot of other people at ÖKK. There's the kind soul, who cheers people up with her smile. The gourmet who brings dark chocolate to the office as well as an even darker sense of humour. The motivator, who pushes everyone to achieve their best. The outdoors type, enthusiastically telling stories about his times on the bike, who even in times of stress exudes the calm and tranquillity of a mountain lake. And the helpful, talented writer, whose warm personality makes the office feel like a home away from home. And I benefit from spending time with them all – both on a professional and personal level. Or as my mother says, I could take a leaf out of their book.

Recently I have been getting to know even more staff from other departments, as one of my jobs has been to take a photograph for the cover of the employee magazine. As I didn't really know any of them before the photo shoot, I was initially a little nervous. I wanted to take a picture that reflected the individual employees' zest for life and motivation. Thanks to the brilliant support they gave me (as well as a number of comical poses), the picture was a success. And it reflects exactly what I set out to achieve: a real zest for life.


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