Responsibility is key

"Personalities are not shaped by pretty speeches, but by their own work and achievement," said Albert Einstein. This is something I can certainly identify with, as this is exactly the case with my internship.

When I began my internship, I had a rough idea of what to expect. I'd be working together with others on projects, while also taking responsibility for some of my own sub-projects. In addition to the photos for the employee magazine, I have already shot an annual film report as well as films for two other events. I take part in the editorial meetings and am responsible for the area of employee films. Yes, even as an intern, I get to take responsibility here. It's not just making coffee and filing. I'm playing a proper part in the process and am being challenged. And I am also able to gain detailed insights into any areas that are of interest to me. I am involved in the company. And I am a part of it. I felt this even when I was recording the annual film. It didn't matter whether they were apprentices, worked at agencies or sat on the Executive Board – they all chipped in, helping me to move my equipment around.



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