Rituals and customs at ÖKK

You're bound to have seen them from friends or at clubs: there are always rituals and customs that have somehow established themselves over time. Or perhaps you practice them yourself. For example, I always set three alarms at five-minute intervals to wake me up in the morning. But what rituals and customs can be found at ÖKK?

Minor rituals and customs have also become part and parcel of daily life at ÖKK. Take, for example, the stairs or lift discussion: using the stairs is healthier, but it's more comfortable to use the lift. And even though you may find it hard to believe, I am a resolute stair-user, even if in the mornings I have to overcome the temptation to take the lift myself after exchanging "good mornings" with people waiting for the lift.

However, something that made starting work here a lot easier was the "Du" culture, as part of which, for example, we are all on first name terms. This is not a ritual in itself, but is more of a corporate philosophy. Nevertheless, it makes working with people a lot easier and a far more pleasant experience. A custom that I was a little taken aback by at first is the open Outlook calendars – any employee can access another's calendar. Perhaps I was so surprised because as a student this is something I hadn't experienced or maybe it's because I still like to walk about clutching my diary full of handwritten notes.

Nonetheless, I think it's great that I can see straightaway whether somebody is here so I can make an appointment for a film sequence with them. This saves me a great deal of time on administrative work, something that I am honestly very pleased about.

Does it come as a surprise how I am able to combine my Bachelor's thesis with my daily work? Then you should read Combining a Bachelor's thesis with daily work.


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