Student research projects at ÖKK

Are you writing a research paper and would like to work together with ÖKK as part of this? We would very much like to help you combine theory with practical experience.

We will take the time for you. Benefit from the specialist knowledge and experience that ÖKK has as an insurance company. Dig into our deep pool of knowledge, spanning insurance in general to various specialist departments (e.g. marketing, communication, HR, corporate development).

Please contact us to provide us with an outline of your ideas. Your inquiry should include the following points and be no longer than three pages:


Your inquiry must describe which topic your research paper will address. Provide us with an exposé in the form of a brief summary (max. two pages), which covers the essential facts (topic, thesis/principal idea, key questions, purpose and aim of work).


In your inquiry, please specify the scientific methods you will be using (e.g. interviews, surveys).


How will it benefit you and what benefits do you see for ÖKK if we assist you with your research paper? You should clarify these questions when issuing your inquiry.

Expectations of ÖKK

How do you envisage the cooperation with ÖKK? What do you expect from it? Do you only wish to interview a specialist, organise a workshop at ÖKK or also carry out an internship at ÖKK?


Please indicate the main sources you will draw on as part of your work.


Your inquiry must contain the key dates for your work. When are you starting your work? At what time do you wish to involve ÖKK (timeframe)? When is the deadline for submitting your paper?


Have you included all the required points? Then please send your inquiry to your HR advisor, Vera Döbeli.

The interns’ diaries kept by former interns provide an insight into the working environment at ÖKK.

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