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National Future day

National Future Day - in brief.

The aim of National Future Day is to shape the future. Boys and girls swap sides, which gives them an insight into different areas of work and life as well as providing them experiences for life. This helps to open up their horizons, giving them the courage and self-confidence to decide their future free of traditional gender stereotypes. 

National Future Day also helps children learn at an early stage about gender equality when it comes to choosing a job and planning their lives. It is a cooperative project between schools, the world of work and their parental home.

As part of National Future Day, ÖKK invites potential future employees to attend a varied programme at the headquarters in Landquart. Young people can take the opportunity to accompany their parents or relatives to their places of work at ÖKK, giving them a glimpse behind the scenes at a health insurance company. They not only learn about the working day of the person they are with, but also get an idea of whether working at a health insurance company is something that they would consider in the future.

The next National Future Day will take place on 9 November 2017.


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