Management staff

Management staff at ÖKK work in the regions as well as the headquarters and usually have a leadership role. As such, they have a high level of responsibility.

Are you dynamic and waiting to contribute your ideas? Are you a person who likes to seize the initiative and quickly tackle topics? Then you’re in the right place at ÖKK. We promise.

Experience a varied working life and help shape the company. At ÖKK, you can help drive things forward and continually tackle new challenges. Take the opportunity to work from home, ensuring you have a healthy work-life balance. Experience a family environment, without any feeling of competitiveness. We support you on your professional path, with the focus on you as a person. You can let your ideas be heard, get involved and together with ÖKK, make a difference.

In this video, our management staff will tell you more about our employer promise: “ÖKK – Making a difference”.

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