Working at ÖKK

ÖKK is an employer where freedom and openness have top priority. Our corporate culture is therefore based on trust and a target-oriented management style. This includes the following:

Management of working time

We allow you to manage your working time as part of our annual working time model. This enables you to meet not only the needs of our customers, but your own needs as well. Employees' annual holiday allowance depends on age and function, varying between 25 and 35 working days. New fathers also receive two weeks additional paternity leave. Mothers benefit from 16 weeks of fully paid maternity leave.

Flexible working location model

Creativity and innovation need space. And there’s not always enough of this at a fixed workplace in the office. We therefore operate a flexible working location model, which allows you to work while on the move or from home. Our open and transparent workstations allow you to easily discuss things and exchange information with your colleagues. 

As part of these models, it goes without saying that you are provided a personal laptop.  

Modern salary system

ÖKK is committed to a performance- and requirement-based remuneration system.

Fringe benefits

Employees of ÖKK and their relatives and partners (who live in the same household) benefit from reduced health insurance premiums. ÖKK meets family needs by providing a family allowance in excess of the statutory requirements. ÖKK's package of benefits also includes reductions on Reka Checks, generous long-service awards and various partner offers.

Social insurance

ÖKK employees benefit from a favourable pension fund solution, which is above the Swiss mandatory minimum levels. Employees continue to receive their salary in the event of illness or accident at a rate of 100%. In either case, the benefits are paid for a period of up to 730 days. The premiums for the daily sickness allowance insurance are paid in full by ÖKK.

Employee development

We help you move forward: ÖKK provides generous support with educational and training courses.

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