This is who we are

Straightforward, sustainable, clever and fair: they are our core values. They form the promise that we make to our customers each and every day. For our core values to have the desired impact both internally and externally, we must understand what they mean exactly. So what does working in a fair, sustainable, clever and straightforward manner mean? Our employees’ guiding principles provide a mutual value basis that we use to provide our customers a positive experience.


Are you surprised that we’re all on first-name terms here? At ÖKK, things are straightforward and friendly. Even though there are already 400 staff at ÖKK, we work closely together and maintain a warm working atmosphere. Here each and every one of us can make a difference – which is definitely a good thing as that is the only way for us to achieve our goals together. We offer insurance that makes sense.
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Films about ÖKK as an employer

In our films about ÖKK as an employer, we focused on what is important: the people. After all, who else other than employees themselves can provide a better impression of ÖKK as an employer? Our staff speak openly about the working environment at ÖKK, about managing and being managed, their experiences on joining the company or about their needs and requirements – the key message from the film is clear: working at ÖKK is really good fun!

We are ÖKK

What is it like working at ÖKK? You can hear answers to this question directly from the mouths of our employees – very honest, very funny. First things first, things never get boring at this health insurer.

We are looking for you

Would you like to work at ÖKK and are wondering whether you would fit in at ÖKK? Then take a look at our film "We are looking for you". Employees describe the qualities that you should bring with you.

What do you need?

Find out exactly about the qualities you need if you are interested in working at ÖKK? Select the area of work you want and listen to explanations provided by our staff.

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