Corporate culture

It's all about getting the right mix, and this is also true at ÖKK. Over 400 employees work at the company, bringing with them a wide range of different mindsets, perspectives and cultural backgrounds. But despite all these differences, they all have a common understanding – this is thanks to the straightforward, informal culture that runs throughout the company, spanning all levels. The personal proximity also transfers to communicating with customers: ÖKK speaks to them on their level, from Samnaun to Berne, from Lake Constance to Ticino.

Experiencing the culture

It is not only our informal culture that sets us apart. We deal with each other in a friendly, straightforward manner. Our culture is based on short decision-making paths and flat hierarchies. At ÖKK, each and every one of us can make a difference.

Experience our culture by watching the videos. Select your chosen job profile.

Management principles

Implementing our strategy relies on the commitment of all our staff, but in particular our management team. They manage other employees and are key points of contact. They are role models and support their employees through highs and lows.

At ÖKK, our line managers manage in accordance with clearly defined principles. These principles act as a form of guidance in a complex environment.

Our guiding principles for managers show what our management principles mean exactly and how they are embraced in day-to-day life.

Here you can get an insight into our managers’ day-to-day lives at ÖKK.

Management at ÖKK

What form does management take at ÖKK and how satisfied are employees with their line managers? Authentic answers to this question can be found here.

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