As one journey comes to an end, another begins...

I started with a lightly packed backpack. Over time, I filled it with knowledge, experiences and adventures. However, now my journey will soon come to an end and I’m getting ready to take on one last final challenge.


I somewhat wistfully look back on my journey thus far, during which I have met a great many people. My knowledge has grown, and I’ve expanded, consolidated and honed my skills. And I will long remember the many valuable experiences I have had. The end is near, but there’s still one real challenge I have to face: my Bachelor’s thesis. Yes, you read that right; the journey I’m talking about is my Multimedia Production degree and ÖKK has been helping me at the end of my journey by allowing me to work on my Bachelor’s thesis and get involved in a variety of projects, all while being an intern.


In terms of the challenge I’m facing, is it possible to work on a Bachelor’s thesis at the same time as working? Yes, it is, but you have to manage your time well. If you keep on top of this, there is little that can go wrong.


To provide you with some insights into the end of my journey, I will be regularly reporting on what I am doing in my intern’s diary.


So let me introduce myself:


I’m Eliane Gees intern at ÖKK and the successor of Andrea Müller
...a Multimedia Production student in my final semester
...a lifelong lover of chocolate
...a passionate nature-lover
...born-and-bred in Graubünden, where I can’t get enough of the fresh mountain air.

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