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Project: Annual film, or the Annual Report in moving images

Fetching some fresh coffee, photocopying or any other clichéd task given to interns – certainly not at ÖKK. Here I am properly involved in work, and my opinion counts just as any other does. This is something I noticed on my very first day.


The Annual Report 2015 – a key publication – and something I contributed towards with video content. My team and I drew up a film concept for the Annual Report. This was presented by a colleague of mine known as THE chocolate lover – and I have to admit, he might love it even more than me – who demonstrated great enthusiasm and indeed a hidden talent for acting!


The idea was to involve our CEO Stefan Schena and our apprentice Mirko Caleta as actors. And so on the day of the film shoot, our CEO had to follow the instructions I was giving him – a rather unusual feeling for me. But it wasn’t just our actors putting in all the effort; my colleagues and I also had to divide up a number of key tasks: one of us took on the role of the sound man (and it has to be said that the outfit really suited him...), while my kind colleague put the actors’ nerves to rest thanks to her fun attitude towards proceedings. Thanks to this strong team, we were quickly able to shoot the scenes, meaning I could get started on the post-production work – cutting the film. One change here, an edit there, and finally the film was ready to be put on YouTube, Facebook and the ÖKK website.


The 2015 annual film provided me with a real challenge. But I have to say, if you have a helpful team behind you, everything runs a lot more smoothly.

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