Embracing the informal culture

The informal culture at ÖKK is really something. It makes work more straightforward and means there is always a pleasantatmosphere. I’m really flourishing...

I was really made to feel welcome on my first day at work, which was something I definitely appreciated. But I was even more pleasantly surprised when shortly afterwards I met the CEO Stefan Schena in his office. I’d only just entered the room and we were on first-name terms already. This is how straightforward things are at ÖKK – the company really embraces an informal culture.

And this culture extends beyond face-to-face exchanges. You’ll hear people talking on the phone to someone they have never met in person and they’re all using their first names. This is a little unusual at first, but it’s made easier by the fact that people’s names appear on the telephones when they call you. A clever little thing that makes things less confusing for me. Remembering people’s names is not one of my strengths.

ÖKK’s informal culture makes communicating with each other much easier in many respects. That’s why I really like and value this culture. ÖKK’s certainly a place I enjoy being.

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