ÖKK culture in Italian-speaking Switzerland

A lot of laughter, a few drops of sweat, and happy people: these are my memories of the day I spent with our “Italian” colleagues in Lugano.

ÖKK is not only number one when it comes to family insurance. No, it in itself is a large family. This is something I found out in person when I travelled to Ticino with my office mate and our translator to film the employer film in Italian at the agency in Pazzallo. The atmosphere there made a real impression on me. That is why I gave our Italian-speaking colleagues there a special name: “ÖKK Italiana”.

Alongside the large amount of film equipment, the famous red ÖKK chair was also there. The first beads of sweat quickly began to appear, but not due to us heaving around all the heavy bags. The sun was beaming through the window and the already high temperature inside was continuing to climb. You quickly appreciate it being somewhat cooler back at our headquarters, although in winter there it is sometimes too cold, meaning I often long for warmer weather... But enough about the temperature, back to the film.

We had two cameras to set up and the sound also had to be just right. How was I supposed to do this all on my own? No problem! I had some fellow employees ready to help out, to whom I could delegate some tasks after a brief introduction.

Now we were ready to roll. One question was quickly followed by another. Our “ÖKK Italianis” were properly bombarded with questions. Their serious, thoughtful facial expressions often gave way to an outbreak of laughter, which helped them relax. And there was plenty of laughter to go round. Our “ÖKK Italianis” are genuine and friendly, they exude a real warmth. This was reflected in their answers. That’s how they are, our colleagues in Ticino.

Unfortunately, the day was soon drawing to a close. For me it was a super experience and a challenge all in one. I processed a huge amount of film material in the post-editing phase with the help of our translator. The result is two films, which I shan’t keep from you any longer. Happy viewing!

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