On the move with ÖKKfit

Sport helps me to maintain a healthy balance in my life. Running in particular is something that I discovered a few years ago and I regularly take part in running events. And I have already lined up at the start for ÖKK.

ÖKK takes the health of its employees very seriously. And ÖKKfit is its way of helping promote this. For a health insurer, this commitment to health is actually fairly logical when you think about it, but it certainly isn’t a given.
The ÖKKfit program aims to encourage staff to think about how to live a healthy life. It also provides valuable tips and tricks, helping them get involved in sport. And I have already benefited from what ÖKKfit has to offer.

In March, I lined up at the start of the Engadin ski marathon as a company team with my colleagues. Shortly before the start, we met up for a group photo. We all looked fit and ready to go. Which is more than can be said for how we looked after the finish; well, that was the case for me at least. Several thousand cross-country skiers (I couldn’t tell whether some were men or women given how they were dressed) took to the start – and we ÖKKers were in the middle of it all. It was a really great event with some really amusing participants. Each year at the Engadin ski marathon, there are funny pictures of people crashing as they attempt to descend the Stazerwald. Going downhill was also a challenge for me, but luckily I managed to avoid hitting the deck.

By attending the various ÖKKfit events, I not only got to know my colleagues better, but also met plenty of new people. During the European Championships, for example, an ÖKK football tournament took place. Although I’m not a great footballer, I still took part. I certainly didn’t regret it – even if the ball didn’t always hit the target. The emphasis of the tournament was on having fun. Although it has to be said, some people were certainly more ambitious than others. But a bit of ambition belongs to football – and this meant that there were plenty of interesting games and a lot of laughs along the way.

After I took part in the Engadin ski marathon last winter, it was only fair that I returned in the summer. This saw me lining up for the Engadin Sommerlauf, which took place amongst some breathtaking scenery. Only this time, there was no need for skis and poles. And the miles certainly added up. The motto was “keep on going” – and that was something we all did. We had barely crossed the finish line and all thoughts of how hard we had worked quickly abated, soon to be replaced by happiness.

Yes, ÖKKfit is a great program, which not only helps with your personal fitness, but it also creates a real community feeling amongst colleagues. It has given me the opportunity to meet loads of interesting people. People who help others, who show commitment, and with whom it’s fun to work, who deal with serious issues professionally, but also with a sense of humour. It’s definitely fun to work at ÖKK.

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