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My baby

You need to be extremely well prepared before a baby is born. It makes no difference whether it's big or little.

No, when I say “my baby” I’m not talking about a child. I’m actually referring to my own event project, which I was able to organise at ÖKK.

You may well be asking, why an event – and why at a health insurer? That’s a good question because ÖKK isn’t an event organiser. Nevertheless, there are a number of social projects that ÖKK is involved in. Take our blood drive, for example – an important thing, which for many people is a matter of life and death. This is something I’m really impressed by.

ÖKK has organised an annual blood drive since 2014. I’m extremely pleased that I was able to make the film for the event in 2015 and then one year later in 2016, I was put in charge of the project – a challenging role that I was pleased to take on.

The biggest challenge was not forgetting to inform all the helpers at the blood drive about what they had to do. That’s why I’m pleased that everything went well – and thank you to all my colleagues who helped me out. If you are ever planning an event, you can’t forget the importance of having helpers by your side.

Are you surprised that even as an intern, I was allowed to take responsibility for this major project? This happens all the time at ÖKK. Interns are always involved, they are given responsibility and they can contribute their own ideas and get support. This is something I experienced up close.

At the end of the process, we had a heart-warming film, which I won’t keep from you any longer.
A motion picture: the story of our 2016 blood drive, with the motto “Blood drive – a gift for life”.

To the event review

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