The health insurance for babies

From the moment your child arrives, a lot will only revolve around them and their safety. That is why you should register your baby with ÖKK health insurance by no later than three months after their birth. 

Prenatal registration

The best way, however, is to register your baby before the birth. If you do so (or within one month following birth), we guarantee that your child will be unconditionally accepted into the following insurance policies:

This means that you do not have to answer any questions about their health. If you take out insurance for your child up to one month following the birth, the policy applies retroactively from the date of birth. Furthermore, you do not pay any supplementary insurance premiums during the birth month.

Use our premium calculator to put together the right insurance solution for your baby and apply for it directly online.

Should you require any information, call our toll-free hotline on 0800 838 000, visit an agency in your area or complete the contact form

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ÖKK PARENTS supplementary insurance covers you during pregnancy, upon giving birth and after the birth. 

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