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Basic insurance with free choice of doctor 

BASIS is the classic basic insurance option. How you benefit: You are free to choose from any doctor in your place of work or residence. If you require a specialist, you can seek treatment from one directly. You are free to choose from any hospital in Switzerland. Requirements: The hospital is on ÖKK's hospital list (list hospital). You are insured for the general ward under basic insurance.

If you choose a list hospital outside of your canton of residence, BASIS basic insurance covers up to the costs that would have been incurred with a list hospital in your canton of residence (on a general ward). If there are differences between the tariffs in a hospital in your place of residence and the place of treatment, you will cover the additional costs - unless you have taken out supplementary hospital insurance

Would you like to save money on basic insurance premiums? Then choose from one of our three alternative insurance models:

Unlike classic basic insurance options (BASIS), your first point of contact with these options is either your general practitioner, an HMO nearby or the medical team at the Medgate telemedical centre. Nevertheless, the medical benefits are the same with all four insurance options and comply with the statutory requirements (KVG).


The optimum addition to basic insurance with a general hospital ward in Switzerland and good benefits in the area of alternative medicine.

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