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The statutory health insurance for cross-border workers

As soon as you earn an income from employment in Switzerland, you are subject to the compulsory insurance obligation applicable in Switzerland. ÖKK EUROLINE is the basic insurance in compliance with the Health Insurance Act (KVG) for cross-border workers working in Switzerland. It is based on the Bilateral Agreement about the Free Movement of Persons between Switzerland, the EU and EFTA states.

You will receive the European form E106 when you take out ÖKK EUROLINE in order to register with the statutory health insurance in your country of residence. If you end your employment in Switzerland, a change to the statutory insurance in your country of residence is possible without any problems. We will confirm the duration of insurance with ÖKK with the European form E104.

If you claim benefits, the statutory regulations of the country of treatment are always applicable for the scope and cost sharing. The standard deductible of 300 Swiss francs applies, for example, when benefits are claimed in Switzerland.

Product information overview


  • Premiums for children up to 18
  • Premiums from 19 years of age

Statutory cost sharing in the country of treatment (Switzerland or country of residence)

  • Adults: standard deductible of CHF 300
  • Children: no deductible

The statutory benefits of the country of treatment (Switzerland or country of residence) always apply

Benefits are claimed:
  • in Switzerland as per the KVG
  • in the country of residence as per the local social tariff

There are no problems changing to the statutory basic insurance in the country of residence (end of employment in Switzerland).


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