Compulsory basic insurance

Every person residing in Switzerland requires compulsory basic insurance. Compulsory basic insurance at ÖKK is called BASIS. It complies with the Swiss Health Insurance Act (KVG) and covers the statutory requirements for illness, accident and maternity. 

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Overview of benefits provided by basic insurance (PDF)


With basic insurance, you have a free choice of hospital anywhere in Switzerland and are insured for the general hospital ward, provided it is a so-called "list hospital" (i.e. a hospital on the cantonal hospital list).

If you choose a list hospital outside of your canton of residence, basic insurance covers up to the costs that would have been incurred on a general ward of a list hospital in your canton of residence. Any additional costs are covered by you as a customer, unless you have taken out supplementary hospital insurance.

Insurance options

ÖKK offers five different types of basic insurance. The only difference between the models is the first point of contact for health questions and medical complaints. However, the medical benefits covered by ÖKK are the same for all options and comply with the statutory requirements.

You can save up to 15% on your premiums with ÖKK’s alternative insurance models. The difference between these and regular basic insurance is that you can choose your first point of contact for any health questions: a telemedical service, a pharmacy, your GP or an HMO centre.

We also offer a health insurance policy for cross-border workers in line with the Swiss Health Insurance Act: ÖKK EUROLINE.

New arrivals

Have you only just moved to Switzerland or are planning to move there? Then you can find all the information you need here.

ÖKK and KVF 

ÖKK offers two different basic insurance policies (ÖKK Kranken- und Unfallversicherungen AG and KVF Krankenversicherung AG). We automatically select the most cost-efficient basic insurance for you based on your specified place of residence. The benefits for both basic insurance policies are the same.

Premiums ÖKK
Premiums KVF

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