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Whether for your household goods, buildings, vehicles, valuables or for everything together: Thanks to our partner, you can also take out comprehensive insurance in these areas.

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For private households: privaCombi

The package solution for private households: With privaCombi you can combine all the types of private property insurance you need in a single policy. privaCombi is ideal for single people as well as for couples and families.

The following can be insured with privaCombi:
  • Household goods
  • Buildings
  • Vehicles (liability insurance, fully comprehensive insurance, partial coverage insurance)
  • Valuables and musical instruments
  • Personal and building liability insurance can also be included.

The following hazards and risks can be insured:

  • Fire / force majeure
  • Theft
  • Water damage
  • Glass breakage
  • Damage and loss of valuables and musical instruments
  • Liability claims

It is worth combining various property and liability insurance products in one policy, as you can receive a discount of up to 10%. 

For your free time and holidays: campa

Special requirements – special solutions With campa, you receive innovative insurance solutions for your free time and holidays. 

The following can be included in campa:

  • campaFix – insurance cover for static mobile homes, caravans and temporary constructions
  • campaMobil – insurance cover for registered caravans and camper vans
  • campaTravel – insurance cover for luggage and sporting equipment on trips of more than one day or if the destination is at least 30km from the place of residence

For solar energy equipment: volta

With volta, you can obtain comprehensive, straightforward insurance for solar energy equipment (photovoltaic and solar thermal energy).

The following can be insured with volta:

  • Component 1 – Equipment / The insurance for photovoltaic and solar thermal energy equipment including lines, meters and similar against damage of any kind. If the risks are insured against fire and force majeure elsewhere, this component will be adjusted accordingly  – and a reduced premium will apply. 
  • Component 2 – Loss of earnings and additional costs / This offers insurance against the loss of feed-in remuneration or the costly purchase of electricity if your equipment is damaged by an insured event. 

Excess for volta: You only pay an excess of 500 francs per claim. No additional deductibles, no qualifying or waiting period. 

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