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Generics are medications that are based on tried-and-tested medications but have a different name. They contain the same active substances as the originator products, but are usually cheaper than these.


Would you like to check whether any of the medications you use are also available as generics and how large a potential saving you could make? Our online medication comparison makes it quick and easy to find out.

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The advantages of generics

Same effect but for a lower price

Generics contain the same active substances as their originator products. However, on average they are 30 percent cheaper, and in some cases up to 70%. This means that your excess is lower when settling benefits with ÖKK.

The quality is guaranteed

Generics meet the same quality requirements from the Swiss authorities as the originator products. The reason for the generally lower prices charged for the same quality is largely due to the fact that the patents have expired on the active substances.

Your contribution for stable premiums

By using generics, you are making a key contribution towards lowering health care costs – and therefore your premiums as well. Together with pharmacies, ÖKK supports the promotion of generics. If generics were consistently prescribed, savings of up to CHF 300 million a year could be made in Switzerland.

Ask your doctor...

Generics are already available for many medications, and new generics are always coming onto the market. Selecting the correct medication is key to the success of a patient's therapy. Ask you doctor or pharmacist whether a suitable generic is available for the proposed treatment.

...or pharmacist

Does your prescription contain an originator medication? If you ask, your pharmacist can give you a cheaper generic product and inform your doctor of this.

Medical advice

ÖKK policyholders can  receive round-the-clock medical advice via the telephone number 0844 655 655.

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